Star Trek’s rebooted cinematic tenure under J.J. Abrams has led to diminishing returns, Star Trek 3 just barely making it off the ground, leading many to wonder when Gene Roddenberry’s iconic franchise might return to its TV roots. That time may already be upon us, CBS is reportedly looking to boldly go forward with a new TV Star Trek.

Take this one with a few grains of salt for the moment, as Latino Review‘s report on a potential new TV Trek has very little set in stone. That said, of several past Star Trek TV projects that climbed the development ladder, CBS may be looking to court the team behind Star Trek: Federation, among them X-Men franchise leader Bryan Singer, Mission Imposible: Rogue Nation director Christopher McQuarrie, as well as producer Robert Burnett and writer Geoffrey Thorne.

That project would have seen a new era of Star Trek far past the Deep Space Nine and Voyager crews, to a point at which the Federation and familiar alien races would have changed enough to start anew with the franchise. Of course, any new TV Star Trek would likely chart its own course (LR even references fan-film Star Trek: Axanar as a potential guideline, whether by budget or story), while Singer’s involvement has only been put forth as a goal.

It comes as little surprise to think that Star Trek would return to TV eventually, but how quickly around or after Star Trek 3 is anyone’s guess. The same goes for Singer and any other producer’s involvement, but we’ll paint this latest TV Trek in a less baffling light than say, a Coach reboot. Anything’s possible, so how should a new TV series handle any relationship with the (for now) ongoing film series?

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