My husband John and I love to go camping!! We met friends at Lake O' The Pines by Jefferson over the weekend. Wow! This is a huge lake!!! We had a fantastic time!

We stayed a Brushy Creek only about an hour and a half away. The water was cool and clean.

Although the lake and camping was great at Lake O' The Pines, I have to be honest, Wright Patman Lake's camping facilities are so much prettier!

The great thing about camping is the people you meet. John and I have met campers from all around the country.  When we have camped at Rocky Point and Piney Point, someone always mentions how beautiful our lake and how wonderful the camping facilities are right here in Texarkana!

Funny thing is when we were down at Lake O' The Pines I was talking to a man from Beaumont, he asked where I was from and told him Texarkana. He said "Oh, Lake Wright Patman!" I said "Yes! We go there often!" The man looked at me and said "Now that is a beautiful lake and camp grounds! That's where we prefer to go."

It's wonderful to check out other places to camp, but in the end, we have a wonderful lake with fantastic camping facilities right here in our own back yard! We really need to remember that and take pride in that as well! I know I do!