Break out those shotguns for some fun busting clays and raising money for our future farmers, the Hooks FFA Trap Shoot is scheduled for October.


Hooks High School FFA Trap Shoot


Wednesday, October 5 starting at 8 AM. The safety meeting begins at 8, shooting starts at 8:30 AM.


Rocky Creek Outdoors USA, 4001 South State Line on the Arkansas side.


To raise money for the Future Farmers of America program at Hooks High School.

How Much:

$250 per 5-person team.

$50 for an individual gets you 50 clays, plus, you get a 1-year membership to Rocky Creek Outdoors.

Debbie Woods

More Deets:

The 5-Stand Shoot is open to all ages. Buckle for HOA. Please register by September 30, 2022.


Get in touch with the Hooks High School Ag Teacher, Kassie Loe 903-319-9455, or by email, at Follow them on Facebook.

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