Well, this is a great surprise! A little documentary of Bruce Springsteen talking about his new album "Wrecking Ball".  The film was made from a European press conference earlier this year.

It's called "Wrecking Ball: A Conversation with Bruce Springsteen." The film debuted yesterday on CNN’s website.

In the film, Springsteen talks about a reoccurring theme on ‘Wrecking Ball’, unemployment and the effect it had on his father when Bruce was growing up.

"My father struggled to find work. I saw that was deeply painful [and] created a crisis of masculinity," he said in the Paris talk. "And that results in a house that turns into quite a bit like a minefield."

“As I got older, I looked towards not just the psychological reasons in our house, but the social forces that played upon our home and made life more difficult. My work has always been about judging the distance between American reality and the American Dream — how far that is at any given moment.”

You can see the entire documentary below.

Watch ”Wrecking Ball:’ A Conversation with Bruce Springsteen’

via Bruce Springsteen and the song of the working man - CNN.com.