Eddie and the boys, namely Bruce Dickinson, have kept us up to speed on Iron Maiden's custom outfitted Ed Force One jumbo jet on their world tour in support of The Book of Souls. Though the tour is not yet over, the airborne marvel has made its last stop with Maiden for now.

Ed Force One is adorned with the latest version of Eddie on the tail, the band logo, Ed-phones and Trooper beer logos and nearly 50 cities emblazoned near the nose of the craft. With Gothenburg, Sweden, being its final stop with the British legends, Dickinson says goodbye to the plane and reveals its time in the sky is not over just yet.

While Maiden will remain in Gothenburg, an Icelandic crew will see that the plane makes it to Iceland, where it will then take 350 people to Marseilles, France. Fittingly, Ed Force One will be taking these passengers to a soccer match between Iceland and Hungary. The band are notorious fans of the sport with bassist Steve Harris passing on the opportunity to train with West Ham United, his favorite team, in his youth.

Carrying 12 tons of equipment along with the band and crew, Ed Force One served Maiden well, though this run did not come without its mishaps. In mid-March, two of the engines were badly damaged in a ground accident, but crews from around the globe were assembled, working around the clock on repairs. Just nine days later, Ed Force One was fully repaired and, amazingly, the incident caused no disruption in Maiden's grandiose tour.

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