It's been nothing but a long time since Poison last released an album of original material. Hollyweird, released in 2002, arrived in a radically different climate than the one artists face today, right at the collapse of the CD at the beginning of the digital era. There's been uncertainty about new music from Poison and in an exclusive interview, Bret Michaels confirmed that at least one new song is part of the plan as well as another tour.

Poison are wrapping up a co-headlining trek with Cheap Trick; Cheap Trick have been playing a new song, "The Summer Looks Good on You," throughout the run. The band has stated onstage that it was just a new song and not part of an album.

We asked Michaels if this model -- releasing singles instead of full albums -- was a more realistic avenue for Poison. "I think one or two songs, singles route, 100,000 percent," said the singer.

"We’ve already written one song on the road that we’ve been jamming at soundcheck. It really sounds good — it’d a very modern song with a great feel and great hook," Michaels elaborated, noting, "There’s a second one we’re working on too."

The complexities of releasing new music surface with the necessity of hitting the studio to record, however. The singer explained that writing and tracking a full album can be challenging because of the "four completely different personalities" in the band. "Let's just do a single and make it great," laughed Michaels.

"We used to go to the studio and track the song live. We’re not a band meant to think it through 3,000 times. Go in and play it live, fix a couple things you need to fix if you need to and let the song come out with its over-the-top great rock feel and release it as a single," he opined. Looking ahead, Michaels forecasted, "We could do that easily I think we’ll have one for the next tour. Poison will take next year off and I’ll be out solo and then Poison [will hit the road] in 2020 with the new single."

Poison's "Nothin' But a Good Time" tour comes to a close on July 1 and you can see the remaining dates here. To see Bret Michaels' upcoming solo tour dates, head to this location.

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