The Bowie County Sheriff's Office is reporting another IRS scam.

A local resident reported that he received a phone call from a person pretending to be with the Internal Revenue Service. This suspect claimed that the individual owed the IRS money and that if they did not make immediate payment, local law enforcement would be sent to arrest them.

This is the same scam that has floated around the last few years at tax season, according to authorities. This year, the telephone number that is coming up with these fake calls is (206) 201-2540.

The sheriff's office reminds citizens to never give out personal or payment information over the phone to people they do not know or have not initiated the call with.

The IRS will never call to demand immediate payment, nor will the agency call without first having mailed you a bill. Also, they will not demand you make a payment without giving you the opportunity to question or appeal the amount they say you owe.

The service will also never ask that you make a payment on a specific card, such as a debit card, or ask for debit or credit card numbers over the phone. Lastly, the IRS will never threaten to have local law enforcement arrest you over non payment.

Here is a link to their tax scams page and another link to the United States Treasury website, where you can report receiving a call from someone impersonating an IRS agent.

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