A Bob Seger themed bar opened in the town of Unionville, Michigan on Friday (Jul. 27) and its owner said the singer has already vowed to pay a visit. Cat Man Do – a play on Seger’s 1975 track “Katmandu” – was created after retired teacher Dennis Collon was inspired by the time he met his hero in 1967.

The encounter took place after Seger had played a show in Unionville. “We came over to the restaurant and were playing pool and eating.” Collon told MLive.com. “He came over and played pool with us. I don’t know if he remembers that or not. I would be really curious to know if he remembers that.” The bar name is also a play on Collon’s nickname, “Cat,” but his daughter encouraged him to develop the Seger theme. As a result, he offers “Silver Bullet” and “Katmandu” burgers along with a “Bob Seger” grill. Decor includes general music themes along with further Seger connections.

On the possibility of a visit, Collon said contact had been made via mutual friends. “I guarantee we’ll be up there in some point in time,” was the message he received. “I won’t tell you when and I won’t tell you how long. But we will make a stop in there.”

Seger returns to the road in November, after back surgery forced him to postpone his previous run of dates. A compilation of his early songs, including some with the Last Heard, the band Collon saw in Unionville, is to be released on Sept. 7.

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