Only a fool would argue that the summer movie season of 2019 was great. There were too many disappointing sequels, too many underwhelming remakes, too many disappointing sequels, too many disappointing sequels, too many disappointing sequels, and not nearly enough original movies to qualify as a “great” summer. (And did I mention too many disappointing sequels? I want to make sure I don’t gloss over that.)

Still, even with all those big films that failed to deliver, there were still a fair number of movies that did. (And between Hobbs & ShawScary Stories to Tell in the Dark, and Good Boys, there are some pretty decent options in theaters in late August for a change.) Going to the movies is all about chasing that elusive high; the euphoria with seeing something uniquely funny or scary or dramatic or beautiful, and as I look back at the summer of 2019, I find that quite a few movies hit their target in that regard. Here are five that hit the bullseye. Bring on awards season!

Gallery — The Best Movie Posters of the Decade:

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