Why settle for picturesque holiday scenes — children sledding, steam rising from mugs of hot chocolate — when you can park your bottom in a seat at the local movie theater and get lost in the magic of cinema, instead?

In 2018, the world of film proved it was more than just a collection of summer blockbusters. From the stunning-but-excruciating Beautiful Boy to the more jovial Crazy Rich Asians, the silver screen proved it could draw audiences far and wide, whether it wound up making them laugh, cry or, in the case of Tully, jump from one to the other like a round of emotional hopscotch.

So when you need a respite from family time (and you certainly will) this holiday season, consider making a fort of blankets, fire up your preferred streaming service and check out one of PopCrush’s favorite movies of 2018, below.

Best Movies of 2018

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