When you stay in a hotel such as the Hampton Inn, Comfort Suites or Holiday Express while traveling, do you wonder if you will have a bar of soap to use in the shower?I don't. In fact, I count on soap being provided so I don't have to pack it in my travel bag.

Derreck Kayongo was shocked to learn that "each year, hundreds of millions of soap bars are discarded in North America alone" according to CNN. He decided to do something about this waste of natural resources.

He thought if communities have access to items that facilitate better hygiene than less disease and ultimately death will be a by product. So the Global Soap Project was born.

The Global Soap Project gives communities in third world countries that live in extreme poverty, hope through one small bar of soap."It's a reminder again of that sense of decency. They have (someone) who knows about their situation, and is willing to come and visit them ... to come and say, 'We are sorry ... We're here to help" states Derreck Kayongo in an interview with CNN.

The actions of one person banded together with others can bring about monumental change in the lives of those we have never met. Therefore, the next time you stay in a hotel, why not ask the manager if they are a part of Global Soap Project. Asking gives them the opportunity to participate in a meaningful, sustainable program that can make a difference in the life of another human being.

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