There is no “cure” for homosexuality, but that did not stop an Australian doctor from reaching into his bag of voodoo tricks and pulling out a prescription for some strange drug he claimed would rid a young man of his gay urges.

Unfortunately for the doctor, the boy was not interested in his supposed cure and filed a written complaint to the Health Care Complaints Commission. The HCCC investigated the incident and found Mark Craddock guilty of unsatisfactory professional conduct and banned him from working as a general practitioner.

It seems that both the doctor and the 18-year-old patient were members of a conservative Christian group known as the Exclusive Brethren, whose members strictly prohibit things like electronic media and voting.

The patient wrote in his letter to the commission that when he told Craddock he was gay, Craddock replied, “There’s medication you can go on for these things.”

Craddock then prescribed a drug called cyprostat, which is commonly used to treat prostate cancer as well as reduce testosterone production.

The committee found that Craddock failed to look after the patient’s medical well-being by not referring the young man to a counselor or a psychologist before prescribing medication to treat conditions that were clinically unfounded.

The 75-year-old doctor, who has acknowledged guilt for the majority of the accusations in the complaint, is now only permitted to practice radiology.

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