Make plans to attend the Backyard Basics Exposition on Tuesday, October 25, at the Southwest Center in Texarkana.
The event is presented by the Bowie County 4-H, with the goal to serve as an incubator for ideas of how to turn a non-productive backyard into one that returns your food into enjoyment for your labor. Registration begins at 9AM with sessions beginning at 9:30AM and concluding about 12:30PM.

Sessions include Rainwater Harvesting – learn the basics of capturing rainwater from your roof to use another day – instructor Andrea Thomas, Bowie County Master Gardener.

Composting – learn how to turn that mountain of leaves and kitchen scraps into “black gold” for your garden – instructor Ken Kunkel, Master Composter and Bowie County Master Gardener.

Keyhole Gardening – learn about a unique way to add a vegetable garden within easy reach to your backyard – instructor Joyce White, Bowie County Master Gardener.

Indoor Water Conservation – learn how to make minor repairs and small changes inside your home that will add up to big savings on your water bill – instructor Water Conservation Specialist from Home Depot, Texarkana.

Food Preservation – learn how to properly store garden produce for later enjoyment via canning and freezing – instructor Michelle Valentin, Cass County Extension Agent.

Backyard Poultry – learn the basics of small scale egg production – instructor Cherrie Curtis, Bowie County Extension Agent.

In addition to these workshops, attendees will have an opportunity to visit with community groups and vendor who have been invited to be a part of the Backyard Basics Exposition. Door prizes will be given out during the day. Cost is $10 per person to attend the Backyard Basics Exposition which is sponsored by the Bowie County Leadership Advisory Board and the Bowie County Extension office.

Vendor space is still available for interested business or organizations with products or services related to these topics or other backyard type topics. For more information, phone Cherrie Curtis, Bowie County Extension Agent at 903-628-6702.

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