Eleven students from Arkansas High School were awarded Certificates of Proficiency from the University of Arkansas-Texarkana during the UAHT commencement ceremony on Tuesday, May 9. The students earned the certificates by taking concurrent credit courses.  Seven students earned Certificates of Proficiency in Industrial Maintenance Technology-Mechanical Devices, and four students earned Certified Nursing Assistant Certificates of Proficiency.

Graduates include:

Industrial Maintenance Technology-Mechanical Devices

  • Jeffery Canida (10th Grade)
  • Tyler Hadaway (10th Grade)
  • Zachary Herring (12th Grade)
  • Andy Johnson-Wise (12th Grade)
  • Michael Krupa (11th Grade)
  • Casey Perry (11th Grade)
  • Riyan Stockton (11th Grade)

Certified Nursing Assistant

  • Tyler Crane (12th Grade)
  • Jalen Manley (12th Grade)
  • Destiny Reed (12th Grade)
  • Mikayla Walker (12th Grade)

“I am very proud of our Texarkana Arkansas Career & Technological Center students that completed the Industrial Equipment Maintenance Program of study with U of A Texarkana.  Partnering with U of A Texarkana is a great opportunity for our students.  This opportunity has given our students the options to continue with their post-secondary education to attain an Associate or Technical Degree; as well as the opportunity to join the workforce with the skills and knowledge they have acquired,” said Natasha Hampton, Texarkana Arkansas Career & Technological Center Director.

Laura Clark, Vice Chancellor for Academics at U of A Texarkana said, “We are very proud of these 11 students who have shown commitment and dedication. We are also thankful to partner with Arkansas High in helping us provide a high quality University of Arkansas System college education to their high school students.”

The concurrent credit program is a partnership between Arkansas High School and U of A Texarkana to offer college-level courses to qualifying high school students.

These courses allow high school students many benefits including:

  • Earning credits toward high school graduation and college graduation at the same time
  • Saving money by entering college with college credits
  • A smoother transition between high school and college
  • First-hand exposure to college-level work while still in high school
  • A chance to complete their bachelor’s degree faster
  • Being able to choose courses that may not be available at the high school
  • Earning a certificate or degree that prepares them for the workforce

 “The partnership with U of A Texarkana has provided our students with an amazing experience and opportunity in the CNA and Industrial Maintenance programs.  The College has continued to provide Arkansas High School students with support and opportunities to earn college credits while still in high school.  We hope to continue to expand the opportunities for our students and continue to work with the great folks at UAHT,” said Eva Nadeau, Texarkana Arkansas High School Principal.

 Inside Higher Ed (www.insidehighered.com) reports that studies show these programs have been linked to higher high school graduation rates and increased likelihood that students will enroll in an institution of higher education.  In addition, students who completed dual-enrollment programs in high school tended to have higher cumulative GPAs during their first three years in college.  These benefits held true both for the high-achieving students and students from other subsets.  Advantages were also seen in the population of male and low-income students, two subsets that often struggle academically in high school and beyond.  The study urged states to continue expanding dual-enrollment opportunities to students across the board, particularly those that do not typically see themselves as college-bound.

The University of Arkansas-Texarkana is one of only forty-four post secondary institutions across twenty-three states, and the only institution in Arkansas, chosen to participate in a Federal financial aid program that allows high school students to qualify for federal financial aid to take concurrent credit courses at U of A Texarkana.  Arkansas High School along with Fouke and Genoa High Schools in Miller County are schools that qualify for the program.

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