Anthrax’s Scott Ian has inked a deal with Da Capo Press to release a tell-all memoir about his life. Titled I’m the Man, the guitarist’s upcoming book will cover a number of topics, including growing up in a dysfunctional home, his experiences in the world of heavy metal, and the complete history of Anthrax.

“Why a book? Because I think my story can connect with anyone and, if I was able to make the life I wanted for myself happen, then anyone can,” says Ian in a statement. “I’m really excited to be writing a book because the idea of getting forty-something years of stuff out of my brain and onto the page seems very therapeutic. Plus if I didn’t do it now, I’d start forgetting and wouldn’t be able to share all these killer stories with you, my friends!”

While the book doesn’t have a firm release date yet, it's expected to arrive in stores sometime in fall of 2014. So between now and then I found a rare gem from 1989 when Anthrax made a guest appearance on Married With Children. Please enjoy.