Cute, crush-worthy comedian Amy Schumer is making headlines after revealing details about her romantic relationship with her ex-boyfriend, WWE’s Dolph Ziggler.

Why did the frequent ‘Comedy Central Roast’ guest break up with Ziggler? Because, she says, he acted more like the character we see on ‘Raw’ than a regular guy in the bedroom.

Schumer told Howard Stern on his Sirius XM show on Wednesday that their sex was too athletic, and Ziggler treated her like an opponent in the ring instead of his girlfriend. Schumer also revealed that she broke up with Ziggler via text. Ouch.

Since Schumer’s comedy is largely informed by her personal life, we’ll likely hear more details about her relationship with the WWE champ in the near future – Hope he’s got some thick skin!

Schumer’s career has been on a steady rise ever since she was a  finalist on both ‘Last Comic Standing’ and Comedy Central’s ‘Reality Bites Back.’  Recently she has appeared on ’30 Rock,’ ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ Adult Swim’s ‘Delocated’ and, of course, several ‘Comedy Central Roast’ specials.

It’s hard not to love Schumer – she’s smart, sexy, outspoken, and she makes us laugh. Just love her a little more gently.

Amy Schumer Crush of the Day

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