America's Got Talent viewers were likely shielding their eyes Tuesday night (July 17) when a pair of otherwise on-point trapeze artists flubbed a move, sending one of them plummeting all the way to the ground.

Mary and Tyce of Duo Transcend, who'd already wowed during the audition round, intended to keep the momentum going as part of the Judges Cuts round. And through a good chunk of their routine, they did precisely that.

But when Tyce, who's already nearly blind because of an eye disease, blindfolded himself and attempted to catch Mary, Mary slipped through his fingers and went tumbling down as the judges and crowd screamed.

Mary, who was OK save for some nasty bruises, insisted that they try the stunt one more time, but the judges insisted there was no need, and that they'd already been sufficiently impressed.

"This is not America's Got Perfection, it's America's Got Talent!" guest judge Ken Jeong said. "Nobody can do this. I mean, it's OK!"

"I don't think there's ever been a singer on any of our competitions who's been note-perfect," Simon Cowell added. "It doesn't make them not amazing, it makes them human."

"Although the consequences of this are slightly worse than falling off-key, whereas you nearly broke your neck," he continued. "And the fact that you're nearly blind makes this incredible."

And while Mary and Tyce were convinced they'd be cut, the judges sent them through to the next round.

"It means so much to us," Mary said. "It's been such a long road to get here, and to be through to the live shows means we're one step closer to the dream."

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