How would you like to play some adult 'Hide and Seek' on November 19th in historic downtown Texarkana?

In a Facebook post on the Railyard Entertainment District, Erin DeBlanc had this to say about the upcoming event:

Join me Saturday, November 19, beginning at 7:00 PM for an adult version of hide and seek in downtown Texarkana, Arkansas, within the Railyard Entertainment District. Teams will all meet at Hopkins Icehouse and then be split into hiders and seekers. Each team must have three members and wear a team "uniform."
Right now they are looking for three-member teams and each team will have uniforms and "Walkie Talkies" to help them in the game.
This is where it gets interesting according to her post there will be safe zones where the people designated as the hiders can have a beverage before they head back out to hide. The safe zones for this adult "Hide and Seek" will be the 1923 Banana Club, Hopkins Ice House, Railyard Saloon, Alley Cats Coffee Bar, and the Hideout Club.
There will be boundaries for this hide-and-seek game to keep it contained. The boundaries will be Front Street, Walnut, 3rd, and Olive.
Google Maps
Google Maps
As you can see on the enclosed map it is technically a four-square block area with tons of places to hide. For more information, you can email

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