In the history of cinema, what actor swears the most? It’s an interesting question — but one that would seem to have an obvious answer. It’s gotta be Samuel L. Jackson, right? Jackson uses a s—-ton of swear words in every single role. He’s had it with these motherf—ing snakes on this motherf—ing plane! No one could possibly top that, right?

Wrong. On the “F—” episode of the new Netflix series History of Swear Words, they reveal the top five most profane actors of all time. Sam Jackson makes the list — at number three. Even with all those f—s, he’s still been outdone by two other actors.  Here’s the top five that they list, along with each’s total number of curse words. (The data appears to come from this survey from a few years ago, so it’s possible the current rankings have shifted somewhat.)

Jonah Hill takes the top spot thank to his extensive work in R-rated comedies like 21 Jump Street22 Jump StreetSuperbadThe SitterGet Him to the Greek, and others. But what really put him over the top was Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall StreetHe swears 107 times in that movie alone. That’s a lot of f—ing swear words. (Note that #2 on the list, Leo DiCaprio, stars in that film as well, and swears his damn mouth off too.)

All six episodes of History of Swear Words are available now on Netflix. The show is hosted by Nicolas Cage, who definitely knows his way around an F-bomb or two as well.

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