If you're interested in all things paranormal, you'll be delighted to hear the tale of an acoustic "ghost guitar" that has been sold online for $666. Fitting. The instrument and its haunted history is listed on the music gear site, Reverb, and while it's been sold, you can still read the spooky story.

"This singular guitar came into my possession quite by accident and has spooked me enough that I want to get rid of it," the intro of the description reads.

"Although I'm quite confident this ghoulish guitar would be fine for someone more in-tune with the tenebrous forces of the malevolent netherworld, I myself have little knowledge of such things, and prefer not to meddle with the morbid mysteries of the macabre."

The seller then went into detail about a boy who worshipped the Devil and was into black magic and other elements of the occult grew up on their street. Born in June of 1966, the boy died at the age of 13 on Oct. 31, 1979 — yes, Halloween.

Supposedly, when his body was found on his bed, the guitar was on top of him, and he appeared to have been electrocuted, despite the guitar being acoustic.

"Additionally, when the damnable corpse of this soulless stooge of Satan was eventually discovered, a 45 record of Blue Oyster Cult's 'Don't Fear the Reaper' was playing repeatedly on the Mephistophelean moppet's GE Wildcat record changer," the story continued.

"A Swanson TV Dinner — 'Turkey with all the Fixin’s' — remained uneaten, while the air was thick with the acrid smell of sulfur emanating from some perverse potion the young hellion had been mixing with his Li'l Gilbert Chemistry Set."

The seller ran into the boy's mother some time later on, and after telling her they were a professional guitarist, she offered them her son's guitar.

"Since I've owned this guitar I've heard the strings discordantly ring out, despite no one being near the guitar. Further, on three occasions I put the guitar in my bedroom closet, only to find the guitar on my bed when I returned home (and I live alone!). The final straw occurred when I saw the guitar levitate out of the trash can I had somberly placed it in," they attested.

Based on the images, you can see that the guitar is old because it looks pretty banged up. It still has all of its strings, though, so it is playable. The seller provided audio of the guitar being played so prospective buyers can hear what it sounds like.

"Admittedly, she doesn’t sound particularly ominous on this recording, however, I attribute this to the fact that I was wearing seven crucifixes when I recorded her," they noted.

Play the video below to hear the spooky guitar, and read the whole story here.


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