With just a few days left before Halloween, it's time to decide on your costume. Fret not, last minute Halloweenies; Loudwire has some tutorials for you that are simple, one size fits all, and won’t break the bank!

For our series of Halloween tutorial videos, makeup artist Christina Vega came through to Loudwire HQ to demonstrate how to mimic the makeup of your favorite rock and metal stars. I had the honor of being the first face for our makeovers and was transformed into my favorite Spaceman, Ace Frehley of the hottest band in the world, KISS!

Christina started by using a translucent powder on my face to help absorb oils so that the face paint would stay in place. She then used Snazaroo face paint in black to create the outline. Ace Frehley actually uses the white first when he does his makeup, but I would say it doesn’t matter what you apply first since Christina still achieved an identical look. So, in other words, use whichever shade you feel more comfortable with first.

I was curious how the silver around my eyes would look, but when Christina showed the silver paint to me (she used Makeup Forever's Flash Color Palette), I was blown away by how shiny and opaque it was. By that point, I was dying to see what I looked like. When I finally got to see the final product, I was shocked by how much I looked like The Spaceman himself! It took less than an hour to pull together and isn't too expensive, either (you can order everything she used on Amazon) doesn't cost too much.

I really didn’t want to take my face off because it looked so cool, so I decided to travel all the way back to Staten Island in my makeup. I didn’t get as many strange looks as I thought I would, although one guy screamed in fear when I turned a corner and I have to say, that kind of made my whole week. Also, my bus driver was impressed that I was made up like “Gene Simmons.” Wrong, but close enough!

Stay tuned for the next tutorial. In the next few days, we'll have tutorials on how to look like  Gene Simmons, King Diamond and more!

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