Some people can get angry over the silliest things. Have you noticed the AC/DC riff from ‘Back in Black’ at the end of Wal-mart commercials lately? Seems that some AC/DC fans are pretty hacked off about it.

The Democratic Underground has quoted some fans as saying “Broke my f—ing heart” or  “I guess that’s what they do for money honey”

A fans on CommercialsIHate said “Shame on AC/DC for allowing Walmart to use their song. Shame.”

Really? Is it that big of a deal? I say GO FOR IT! The way I look at it?  Someone has never really listened to AC/DC might hear that riff and love it, hence a new AC/DC fan is born.

What do you think. Is it alright for bands to sell their classic songs for use in commercials or do you consider that a sell out?

Watch AC/DC’s ‘Back in Black’ in a New Wal-Mart Commercial

Makes me just want to hear the whole song. So, here ya go!