According to guitarist Angus Young, AC/DC have a “mountain” of unreleased songs and song ideas. Even after Power Up finally sees the light of day, a library of AC/DC jams — which was maintained by Malcolm Young — still hold countless pieces of never-before-heard history from the Australian band.

Young spoke about AC/DC’s labyrinth of ideas during an interview with “Oh yeah. If I went through [all the boxes], there’s a lot of ideas that were [recorded] through our career,” the guitarist said.

“Malcolm was pretty organized with a lot of stuff,” he continued. “He was more organized than me. When we worked together, the two of us, he’d pick up a guitar, but Mal would take notes and put dates and when it was done. So he was always a little bit more together. But I’d keep notebooks; I’ve always kept notebooks of song ideas and song lyrics. I’ve always kept that part together. A lot of songs, I’ve got ‘em all marked up. I know where to look for when I’m going through [stuff]; I’ve got everything marked up and boxed up.” [via Kerrang!]

AC/DC’s Brian Johnson and Cliff Williams recently spoke with Loudwire Nights, relaying the experience of recording Power Up after Johnson, Williams and drummer Phil Rudd reunited with the band.

"And off we went, and it was just fantastic, with the five of us in there just letting it fly, just letting it scream. Once again, there was electricity in the room. There was such a vibe and we just knew it had to be," the vocalist shared. "And we got stopped dead in our tracks."

Power Up will be released Nov. 13. To pre-order the album, click here.

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