I love this time of year. Yes, I love the warmer weather but I also love going to the farmers market and getting fresh fruit and veggies.

We are lucky to have two farmers markets in Texarkana. Saturday morning I got up pretty early. Splashed cold water on my face, threw on some clothes and headed downtown to check out what was available at the Gateway Farmers Market on the Arkansas side located at the corner of Broad Street, 9th Street and Jefferson. I didn't even stop to get a cup of coffee. I got there a little past 8AM and even though that's not early for me Monday through Friday, it definitely is early for me on a Saturday.

Oh, but what I found! Fresh vegetables! Zucchini, squash, lettuce, cucumbers, radishes, onions, blueberries and more. To my surprise there were peaches there too! All the great produce made it well worth getting up early. See some of my loot below.

Lisa Lindsey, Townsquare Media
Lisa Lindsey, Townsquare Media

Below is a quick run through of all the local farmers at the market and their delicious produce. Open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings starting at 7AM.

I'll be getting up early next Saturday and checking out the Texas side farmers market to see what goodies I can find there.

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