Are recipients of the Best New Artist Grammy doomed to a post-Grammy career of obscurity and a string of forgettable solo albums? Check out these five "cursed" artists and you be the judge.

1) Starland Vocal Band's "Afternoon Delight" brought them decades of ironic appreciation, but both of the couples that made up the band later divorced. All four pursued fruitless solo careers.

2) Nominated for several Grammys in 1997, Paula Cole faded into obscurity after her subsequent Lilith Fair tour. She's released a few albums since, but most people who've seen her perform lately are sports fans who caught her performing patriotic tunes at ball games.

3) Arrested Development provided a thoughtful, sunny alternative to the violent gangsta rap that dominated airwaves in the mid-90s, but their biggest accomplishment since was unsuccessfully suing Fox over the name of the TV show, Arrested Development, which would become a running joke on the series.

4) Not only did Marc Cohn's career stall after his Grammy win, he was SHOT IN THE HEAD in 2005 in an attempted carjacking. He survived though, so that's cool.

5) Milli Vanilli achieved way more fame for their lip-syncing than they ever would with their actual music, and the words "Milli Vanilli" are pretty much synonymous with "fraud." We can't think of another act that's as cursed as these guys. One died in 1998 of a drug overdose, the other is still plugging away at an obscure solo career.

-- Contributed by Cole Stryker

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