The 23rd Annual Demolition Derby at the Four States Fairgrounds was officially sold out! It was standing room only and the fans kept coming, and for a couple of really big reasons.

This was the largest crowd ever for the demolition derby sponosred by Budweiser, Texarkana U-Pull-It-Auto Parts, Volvo Equipment, Riggs - Caterpillar, Your good neighbor Chevy Dealers, and Guaranty Bond State Bank.

First... it was the very first time the demolition derby featured "Pick-Up Trucks". There were Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Dodge trucks, and a "Franken-Truck" that was a combination of Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, and Buick

Secon... this was the first year for an exhibition of front-wheel drive cars. We had three entries, and they move fast, It was a crows pleaser and it is a great possibility that we will see a small car class for 2014.

This years champion taking home the prize money and glory was John Brooks, driving the #8 Chevrolet Extended Cab Pick-up Truck.

(I want to apologize for the quality of some of these pics... I was moving quickly on some of them.)


A lot of the these driver names you will recognize from competing over the years... Entered for the 2013 Competition:


  1. James Jones - Ford - unsponsored
  2. Trent Bucheit - frankentruck - BBS / Curtis Transmission - Wren Automotive
  3. Jeff Ford - Chevrolet - Mac's Pawn Shop / Jingles Ice Cream
  4. Adam Howard - Dodge - Walter Fredrick / Kemp Brothers / Midas
  5. Chris Polomsky - Ford - Lewell / Hadaway Collision / Hertz / Williams Hauling & Towing
  6. Tobin Sharp - Ford - Redlick I.S.D.
  7. Becky Ford - Chevrolet - Fool Injected
  8. John Brooks - Chevrolet - Cardinal Transport / K Joy Trucking


  1. James Brooks - Ford Taurus - A-1 Auto Salvage / Artex Tire / Finish Line Motors
  2. Ron Porier - Chevy Malibu - Double R Bar - LKQ Auto Parts / Artex Autocare
  3. Matt Fyffe - Honda - Bounce A Lot / A-1 Auto Salvage / BJ's Liquor


Maneuver Motor Sports, out of Dodd Texas, put on a motorcycle jumping show during intermission making jumps of 65 to 70 feet. Driving were 33-year-old veteran Clint Espositio, and 19-year-old Dillon Shealy performing free-style stunts on Yamaha - YZ 250's. (Shealy was injured during the exhibition when he over shot the landing ramp and had a very hard landing that slammed him forward into the handle bars of his bike with enough force to break his helmet. He was able to maintain control of his bike and steer it out the back door of the arena before collapsing. The onsite medics immediately went to work to stabilize the young rider and keep him immobile to prevent any further injury. They loaded him into an ambulance to take him for X-Rays and any required treatment at a local hospital No update was available to me at the time of this post, but I will keep checking.)

Trying to poll the crowd by applause as to what they thought of the trucks was next to impossible... we were trying to determine how the crowd felt about it. Did they prefer "cars" or "trucks" and from what we could hear it was really, really close. So, we want to ask you here...

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