The Big Birds were flying high over Lake Wright Patman with the Texarkana Remote Control Flying Club's 2012 Big Bird Fly-In Airshow and we got some great video and photos.

The pilots at Lake Wright Patman's Ravel Stroman Field this weekend range from novice first time flyers, to experts that have been flying R/C aircraft for years.

Not only were most of our area Remote Control pilots on hand for the event, but people come from all over the country to participate in the Big Bird Fly-In.

Doug McKeller has traveled to Texarkana to participate in the 22nd Annual Big Bird Air-show.  He's been flying R/C Aircraft for eleven years, and enjoys performing stunts, and mostly perform 3D stunts, which are very difficult and really shows the pilot's expertise with his plane. We asked McKeller what he enjoyed most about flying remote control planes,

It's just like putting on your own personal airshow... to do some spectacular maneuver, in front of people and pull it off... It's awesome, I love it."

Check out these photos, and some of the video footage below, and for more information check out the website for The Texarkana Remote Control Flying Club.

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