If you were to tell me in March that this pandemic would still be affecting us in September, I would have laughed at you, but I guess the joke is on me. This year has been a trying one for so many people and everyday life has taken a drastic turn.

I am looking forward to a time where we look back on this year, and this pandemic, and say, “Remember that awful year?” Whether it was murder hornets, COVID-19, shortages, or job losses, I’m sure at least one of those has affected you.

But there was a by-product of this bananas year that I find amusing. This pandemic is no laughing matter by any means, but I find it interesting at how many terms and phrases we have used this year that would have never come out of our mouths prior to, say, March 17.

Society has been adapting to this new world all year long, and with that came new terminology that is now used in everyday life.

If a person in 2019 asked you, “Where is your mask?” you would’ve looked at them like they were a bit bonkers. Or if I told you to stock up on toilet paper because in 2020 there would be a shortage, you would have said, “Calm down, Maddie.”

But 2020 has shown that the impossible is possible and that a change in everyday life is accompanied by new terminology.

20 Words and Phrases That Are So 2020

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