Texarkana is where we call home and we are growing. From new roads to new business Texarkana is getting bigger. But there are 10 things Texarkana definitely does not need more of.

Here are 10 things we don't need more of in no particular order.

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1. Banks There is a bank popping up on every street corner in Texarkana. Did you know there are 6 banks on Arkansas Blvd alone?

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2. Road Construction  I know we are growing, but everywhere you look there is road construction. The Interstate 30 project alone makes getting around town a little dangerous.

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3. Pawn Shops are everywhere and unfortunately, Stateline seems to be the place with the most.

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4. Liquor Stores now that you can buy liquor on both sides of Stateline is there really a need for this many liquor stores in Texarkana?

5. Car Washes I know we all want to keep our cars clean. But did you know there are currently two new car washes coming to town and they are going in on Richmond road?

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6. Title Loan Places Is it me or did these places just spring up out of nowhere? According to Google, there are 20 Title loan and other financial loan businesses in Texarkana.


7. Potholes We have quite a few potholes here. But now that I drive a car everyday the potholes seem to be bigger.

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8. Self Storage Buildings We all have a bunch of stuff but there are so many of these places around town. There are actually 20 different storage building spots in town.

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9. Donut Shops We all love a good donut but there are 15 different options for you to choose from in Texarkana. I do have my favorites but 15 seems like a lot of shops.

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10. Dollar General Stores there is a Dollar General Store on just about every street with 17 current locations and more on the way do we really need more?


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