The Yardbirds' new two-DVD set, Making Tracks, hits stores today.  The release captures band whose current lineup includes founding drummer Jim McCarty and rhythm guitarist Chris Dreja, along with three much younger musicians as they deliver inspired renditions of many of the group's classic tunes.  Disc one features performances filmed at several concerts the legendary blues-rockers played over the last couple years, while the disc two features a variety of bonus material.

Founding drummer Jim McCarty chatted recently about Making Tracks and The Yardbirds' upcoming plans.

Speaking about the goodies on the DVD's bonus disc, McCarty reveals, "There's interviews and there's some stuff backstage.  There's stuff of us talking backstage and some of the things that we get up to, some funny things, and some traveling shots.  It's interesting.  It's sort of candid."

Unfortunately, Dreja suffered a stroke in September of 2011 and has been sidelined since then.  McCarty admits that his band mate's health issues may result in The Yardbirds cutting back on its touring plans.

"We're coming to a sort of critical stage, I think, with lots of things happening," says the drummer.  "Maybe we're gonna start slowing down a bit…I don't know how many more tours we're gonna do, especially without Chris."

One thing McCarty is looking ahead to is The Yardbirds' 50th anniversary, which the band will celebrate in 2013.  Over the years, of course, the group's lineup has featured three of the most famous guitarists in rock history Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page.  McCarty says he's hoping some special shows marking the anniversary will be scheduled, and that some of the group's famed alumni will participate.

"There's little things in the pipeline," reveals Jim.  "It'll be very exciting if we can do at least one date with everybody involved.  I think it would be a great night.  So, I'm definitely up for it, anyway."

As for his famous former band mates taking part, McCarty adds, "Apparently, Jimmy said he would be up for it, but we'll see when it comes to it.  I think to get all three of the guys would be something special."