If we've learned anything over the past week or so, it's that CHARLIE SHEEN is 84% Crack, and parties harder than ANYONE.  I'm pretty sure there are no exceptions.

And check this out:  Even SLASH is in awe of Charlie's TIGER BLOOD AND ADONIS DNA.

He says, quote, "I love Charlie.  Charlie is probably the most rock n' roll character in entertainment today.  All things considered, he's been having a little bit of a hard time recently with all the bad press and everything.

"But he's been managing to get away with what he's been doing on that show and get a raise over the last more than ten years.  I think that's pretty cool." 

(Here's video.)

(Sheen the "most rock 'n' roll character in entertainment today."  That's quite a compliment coming from a guy wearing leather pants, granny glasses and a circus hat.)


(You can't process Charlie with a "normal brain"? I believe this! You have to have one that's been beat up by crack and syphilis.)