Akian Chaifetz is 10 years old, and he has autism.  Akian has been bullied and tormented daily at school... BY HIS TEACHERS!

After receiving reports that Akian was acting out, and having violent outbursts, which according to his father Stuart Chaifetz, was completely opposite of his sons "Sweet and non-violent nature", Stuart became suspicious.

So, Stuart Chaifetz placed a recording device on his son and sent him to school.  When he listened to the audio that had been recorded, he was SHOCKED.

This is a fairly long video, but I feel it is important to see.  Though not as important as getting the message out there for Akian.  This story has also led to the creation of a facebook page drawing attention to Teacher/Bullies.


Read more about Akian, and find out more about what is going on now at Huffington Post.