Yeah, this is REALLY illegal and irresponsible... but when I was 14, I literally would've chopped off my own arm to have a job like this.

In Miami, Oklahoma, undercover agents were running a sting on a strip club called The Body Shop and were shocked to find there was a 14-YEAR-OLD BOY working there.  The 14-year-old was the owner's son.

The owner is 40-year-old Tammie Pennel of Afton, Oklahoma, and she was arrested in the sting for selling alcohol to people who were already drunk, allowing drunk people to stay on the property, and allowing simulated sex acts at the club.

Charges for having her 14-year-old working there are still pending.  They could result in the club losing its liquor license.

The agents say they're not sure what the boy's job was.  They say he was behind the bar but didn't seem to be serving drinks.

(If it were my mom's club, I would've demanded a job like "body glitter applicator" or "implant realism tester."  But I wasn't breast-fed, so probably a bad gauge.)

Several of the club's customers were arrested in the sting for drunkenness, and four of the strippers were cited for performing simulated sex acts. 

(CBS 6 - Tulsa)