We in Texarkana are blessed with what I would like to consider a normal name for a city or township. on a rare occasion, when traveling, I am asked "Where Are You From? and I proudly state Texarkana! the worst response to my answer is "where?" others have it worse coming from towns like Boogertown:

Boogertown our 5th oddly named town is in a small region that lies in southwestern North Carolina in Gaston County not too far from the town of Gastonia and the city of Charlotte, populated with only a few scarcely located buildings, trailers and a street named after the city.




or what the hell let's talk about our 4th oddly named city. how would like to tell everyone you are from Hell MI:

Hell is an unincorporated area with a population of less than 300 people is southeastern Michigan just outside the city of Ann Arbor. so who the Hell named this city? the story goes that the founder of the region was asked what he wanted to name it and responded with, you can name it "Hell" for all I care.




'I've been everywhere man' but I can't say I've been to our 3rd Oddly named city not because it's a boring place to go but because Boring is in Oregon:

One of the earliest residents in this northwestern Oregon region was a fellow named W.H. Boring, and the place received its name from him. some years later the city put together a slogan that everyone would help draw in visitors. it was jokeingly said  "The most exciting place to live." and the slogan stuck.




This next place comes in at #2 and I can't say I have ever been there but I have friends who have lived in Toad Suck AR.:

Located in central Arkansas Toad suck is not as bad as it sounds. lot's of fun event's and family stuff to do around there including Toad Suck Daze which is an annual free admission 3 day Festival in May, loaded with fun arts crafts music and more.





If you travel north east to Pennsylvania you would find two citys shareing the #1 position of Oddly named Cities. Intercourse PA.:

I wonder how many married men thought the were entering that very City which is coincidentally located down the road from...





You Guessed It, Blue Ball PA.

stop thinking dirty it was named after the Blue Ball Hotel. Boy the dutch sure had a sense of humor when they named those cities. so in your travels this coming summer, I can only hope you have your cameras ready to snap a few pictures of some of the Oddly Named Cities You encounter on your trip, or if you already know some some names of true Oddly Named U.S. Cities, Please share Below.