47-year-old John Wade Agan of Tampa, Florida believes he's the WORLD'S UNLUCKIEST MAN.  And if you look at his last four years... he makes a pretty decent case.

Four years ago, he was robbed at gunpoint while he was driving his taxi.  The robbers beat him up and stuffed him in the trunk of his car.

Three years ago, he was stabbed in the chest with a butcher knife.

Two years ago, two different snakes bit him at the same time.

And now, on Tuesday, he was STRUCK BY LIGHTNING.

Somehow, he's survived all of those.  He says that when people hear his stories, they think he's making all this up to get prescriptions for painkillers but, quote, "I don't care what people say.  Any day of the week, I'll go take a drug test."

He's still in the hospital now, recovering from the lightning strike.