The other man who was killed in the crash that took the life of "Jackass" star RYAN DUNN has been identified.  His name was Zachary Hartwell, and he was a veteran of three tours of duty in Iraq.

One showbiz website even claims he was a Navy SEAL.  (He survived Iraq... three times...  Sad.)

He was also a newlywed.  He got married last October... and Ryan Dunn's girlfriend was a bridesmaid.  Now, potentially because of alcohol and stupidity, both ladies are alone.

Zachary was one of the guys at the bar with Ryan in the hours before the crash.  A so-called "source" says they were celebrating, quote, "winning some kind of deal together."  Ryan was driving Zachary home when they crashed.

(Here's a picture of him with Ryan at the bar, along with some more of Ryan from that night.) (TMZ: Photo ... Photo Gallery of Ryan;s last pics.)

We still don't know if alcohol played a part in the crash.  Toxicology test results won't be back for four to six weeks.  But police now say Ryan's Porsche was doing 130 MILES PER HOUR when it crashed.

The local police chief said he's, quote, "never seen a car destroyed in an automobile accident the way this car was... even before it caught on fire."

Meanwhile, the coroner's report says both men were killed by blunt force trauma from the crash itself, plus burn injuries from the ensuing fire.  Apparently, it was impossible to determine if one or the other was the immediate cause of death, so the coroner just listed both.