We promise to always do our very best to get you all of the information you will need in an emergency.  We believe you need to know what is going on immediately, and you can get the information on the radio, or on our Eagle Weather Page. However, there is another source we want you to know about.



From the Texarkana Office of Emergency Management:

Although tornadoes can occur at any time of the year, today marks the official start of tornado season across the ArkLaTex.

Develop a plan for both your home and business so everyone knows where to go within the building to be safe.

Stay away from outer walls and glass. Get to the most interior portion of the building and get under something heavy such as a table. A bathtub is a good place to put children and if possible cover them with pillows or a mattress.

If you are caught outside get into a drainage ditch or low lying area.

We would also encourage everyone to go to www.txkusa.org and click on the CodeRed icon to receive real-time storm warnings on your cell phone and/or home phone if you are in the path of a severe storm. There is no cost to anyone in Bowie or Miller Counties.

From OEM E-Mail