I want to say thank you Trevor Bayne. Thanks for giving me the absolute most exciting NASCAR finish I have seen in years! He turned 20 years old yesterday, and today, after only his second Sprint Cup race, he is the youngest Daytona 500 Champion in history!

I have been a racing fan for many, many years. I remember when they first started showing races on TV in the late 70's, then TNN, and on to today... but lately I have been kind of bored with Sprint Cup racing, and using the Tivo quite a bit, but today I did NOT use Tivo to skip lots of boring racing... it was for the "rewind" and "slo-mo".

We had been watching and keeping up with a lot of the news coming out of Florida this last week, and a story about Jeff Gordon contacting Trevor on the radio during practice and asking him to work on "bump drafting" with him, and the kid was just "blown away". We saw him do a couple of interviews, and heard him chatter back and forth a bit on the radio where he was all about "Yes sir", "no ma'am", and good manners. He just struck us as a good kid, and we of course were hoping the best for him, and the Wood Brothers, owners of the #21 Ford.

We watched the race, and got really excited when we saw there was a possibility for this nice young man to actually win the biggest race in all of NASCAR. Veteran Bobby Labonte pushed him to the front, but Carl Edwards was coming! We like Carl too, but really wanted the unknown under dog to win. Carl made his move on the last lap and the young Rookie dropped to the inside and blocked him... Awesome move!

Then after he had won the race and they were talking to him in Victory Lane, once he finally found it. He thanked everybody, including Carl Edwards for pushing him to victory at the end... We had to laugh out loud, because Carl was really doing everything he possibly could to get around the young racer, and couldn't.

Trever Bayne WON the race!

So, thank you Trevor Bayne! It's refreshing to see such a genuine young man, amidst all of the "Superstars", and to be excited for the next NASCAR race!

The Top 10 results from the 2011 Daytona 500:

1st - Tevor Bayne - Ford
2nd - Carl Edwards - Ford
3rd - David Gilliland - Ford
4th - Bobby Labonte - Toyota (awesome job taking the young boy to the finish.)
5th - Kurt Busch - Dodge
6th - Juan Montoya - Chevrolet
7th - Regan Smith - Chevrolet
8th - Kyle Busch - Toyota
9th - Paul Mennard - Chevrolet
10th - Mark Martin - Chevrolet