Per the Texas Department of Public Safety, the female trooper that performed a roadside cavity search on two Texas women will be terminated.

A spokesman for the DPS said that agency director, Steve McCraw has made the determination that Trooper Kelly Helleson will be terminated for her actions. Though Helleson will have an opportunity to meet with McCraw before the termination is final.

The incident occurred in July of 2012, when Trooper David Farrell stopped a car driven by Angel Dobbs with her niece Ashley Dobbs as a passenger for tossing a cigarette butt onto the highway. Farrell can be heard on the dash-cam footage that both women could be cited for littering.

Farrell then returns to his car where he requests a female officer to come search the suspects that he deemed were "acting weird".

While he waited for officer Kelly Helleson to arrive on scene, he had the women exit their vehicle and began questioning them about marijuana.

When Helleson arrived you can see her putting on blue latex gloves in the dash-cam video.  When Angel Dobbs asks about the gloves, Helleson can be heard saying "Don't worry about it."

Then right there on the side of the road, in the bright police lights, in plain view of passing traffic, she conducted a cavity search on Angel Dobbs, then her neice Ashley. (While wearing the same pair of gloves... also I should mention that littering is a class c misdemeanor that doesn't even justify a pat down, much less what these women were put through.)

After all was said and done, the troopers found no illegal drugs, and the women report that after the search of their persons and the vehicle a bottle of prescription medication was missing from one of the ladies purses. The women were cited with littering and released.

The punishment, if any, for Trooper Ferrell has yet to be determined.

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The women are suing... CLICK HERE TO SEE THE LAWSUIT.

The Dallas County District Attorney has received the case, and said that the case is being presented to the Grand Jury.

(WARNING... Here is unedited Dash-cam video released by the women's lawyers....WARNING... the video contains explicit language, and the content may be disturbing to see.)

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