Maybe you have seen them around the area. More and more people in Texarkana are looking to cut their energy bills by getting some of that power from the sun.

A couple of places that I've noticed taking advantage of some solar energy are the LEISD Administration Building, and Grady T. Wallace Park.

A report from KTBS said the solar panels for Liberty Eylau were installed by Sustainable Services of Texarkana, and should save about $50 per month in energy costs for the administration building. The two solar arrays at Grady T. Wallace park generate between 235 and 369 kilowatt hours per month at the park, and offsets the costs of lighting the bathrooms and pavillions. Any extra energy generated is then sold to SWEPCO.

Take a look at a couple of the photos.

If you are interested in converting to solar energy click here.

Here is a quick video explaining how sunlight is converted into electricity.