Are You a MILF? Want to Win an iPad?
We all know what the term M.I.L.F means, but do you know where the term originated? The movies. "American Pie" specifically.  With "American Reunion" coming out in April, the folks at Break.com are having a M.I.L.F. contest.
The New iPad Revealed!
Yesterday Apple showed off the latest iPad and Apple lovers went ga-ga. In fact, a new survey showed that 42% of the current iPad owners will replace that "Oh, so old iPad" they have as soon as the new one hits the stores next Friday (March 16th).
Here’s a quick rund…
Scammed! A Woman’s iPad Turns Out to be Wood
Just a word to the wise, and I'm using the term "wise" loosely! It might not be the best idea to buy something from someone in a parking lot. A woman in South Carolina is kicking herself in the "you know where" right now!