GARGLE WITH BEER For a Sore Throat? No Really It Works!
For many people, this winter and spring have been brutal because of all the colds, flus, and allergies flying around. While there's nothing fun about getting sick,
there is fun to be had in the recovery stages. Some people swear that you can get sore throat relief by gargling beer...
Sam Adams More Popular Than Budweiser? [Poll]
Okay, there’s a new study out that we just can’t be sure of…  at least, based on our research so far.  There is a new survey done to find the most liked beer in the U.S., and Budweiser came in at number two behind Sam Adams.  Could this be true? …
Natty Light Becomes First Beer in Space[VIDEO]
Here's a video that is so cool to watch, but also makes you wonder how the global media missed such an important, historical event. On November 18th, Natural Light the inexpensive brew from Anheuser-Busch officially became the first beer in space...
Bud Light Boosts Up the Booze
Here they go again, Anheuser-Busch is fiddling around with a new product... Which good be bad...(Remember Bud Dry?) Call me crazy, but something tells me that a Bud Light with more alcohol may actually work.
Beers Americans Don’t Like Anymore
I saw an article called "The 8 Beers Americans No Longer Drink" at 24/7 Wall Street, but really the message sounded to me more like "Beers Americans No Longer Love", because there are some really big names on the list.
Fast Food Restaurants are Starting to Sell Alcohol
There's lots of big money in helping our wonderful country get fat.  But there's also a pretty good bit of money to be made in getting us drunk.  And now, the fast food chains are finally getting on the wagon, or off the wagon... I never could get that right.
More and more fast food and quick service…

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