There have been 44 Super Bowls, and none of them have gone to overtime.  And Papa John's is hoping that trend continues this year... or this publicity stunt is going to blow up in their face.

Papa John's is one of the official sponsors of the Super Bowl this year, and they've just made a major announcement: If the game goes to overtime, they'll give a free large pizza with up to three toppings to EVERY SINGLE American adult.

There is a catch.  To be eligible, you have to register for Papa John's Rewards Program before Super Bowl Sunday, which is February 6th.

Registration is free but, you know, they'll probably send you a whole bunch of emails and whatnot.

The line in the Super Bowl is tight this year... the Green Bay Packers are two-and-a-half-point favorites over the Pittsburgh Steelers... so the game MIGHT be tight enough to go to overtime.  But probably not.

(If you want to register and get in on the contest, go to