Steven Tyler recently did something really cool for a HUGE Aerosmith fan.

A man in his 60s named Lawrence Ori suffered from a rare condition called "progressive supranuclear palsy," which is marked by brain deterioration. Lawrence could barely speak or move... and he was on his deathbed.

He had dreamed of meeting Steven, but never had the chance... until his last day.

Lawrence's family, with help from the Passages Hospice Dream Foundation, contacted Steven, who agreed to meet him through Skype on a laptop.

After it was set up, Steven said, quote, "Lawrence?  This is Steven.  I'm coming to you from L.A. and I'm so glad to meet you... You hold on, Lawrence.  I love you man.  [It's] great to meet you."

Lawrence couldn't respond, but he did tear-up.  He died later that day.

(You can see video of this, here.  Note:  Unfortunately, the audio from Steven's end isn't the best, but you can hear him if you turn up your volume a little.)

(That's a really great thing to do for a fan that has supported you for decades.  Sure, it isn't hard to spend five minutes talking to someone virtually.  But it also isn't hard to say you're too busy to give up that time.  I think it's cool that Steven did.)