SNOOKI won her match at "Wrestlemania 27" last night... and she did it with a pretty sick move.

Now, if you've seen celebrities get involved in pro wrestling matches before, then you know that they're usually put in tag team matches with actual wrestlers, so they don't have to do much work.

Last night was no different.  Snooki was in a six-person tag team match.  It was two girls and a guy on each team.  And Snooki did almost nothing until the last minute of the match.

When her partner, TRISH STRATUS, tagged her in, the crowd BOOED pretty hard.  But Snooki actually won them over with her skills.

She did a cartwheel into a backflip... out of which she rammed her opponent, MICHELLE MCCOOL, into the corner.  Then, with McCool on the mat, she did a cartwheel over her prone body and then came down on her with a mini-splash for the three-count.

(Check out video here.  Notice how the booing kind of turns into something else after Snooki's backflip.  They're not totally cheering her, but I think they're definitely giving her more respect.)

(Also, notice Snooki's face just before she launches into her big move.  You can tell she's totally nervous.)

(For the record, Michelle McCool is the wife of THE UNDERTAKER... who had just won the previous match against TRIPLE H.)