In advance of its May 28 release on DVD and Blu-ray, Judas Priest's new concert film, Epitaph, will be given a premiere, one-night-only screening tonight in New York City, and will be shown in several more U.S. locations on Wednesday.  Priest fans who make it out to the Big Apple event will get a special treat, as frontman Rob Halford and guitarist Richie Faulkner also will be attending the screening, taking place at 8 p.m. ET at the Clearview Chelsea theater.

Halford Said that showing Epitaph "on the big screen" marks the first time that Priest has debuted a concert video this way.  "We know other bands have done that over time in various ways, but for Priest this is a new event," he notes.

Epitaph captures the heavy metal legends at the last show of their 2012 Epitaph World Tour, which took place last May 26 at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo in London.  The concert featured performances of 23 songs, including at least one tune from every major album the band has released.  Among the many Priest classics included in the flick are "Breaking the Law," "Hell Bent for Leather," "You've Got Another Thing Comin'" and "Living After Midnight."

"Looking at what we achieved in Epitaph, it's like a documentary of the band without people chit-chatting on camera," Halford tells ABC News Radio.  "We're letting the music speak for us.  You know, no matter how you talk about music, the only way you can really understand is the commitment coming to you from the stage."

He adds, "When you actually experience…the whole of the Epitaph show, it's almost like 'Heavy Metal 101.'"

Judas Priest has posted online a special Epitaph app that allows fans to look up where the nearest movie screening is taking place, and also offers a preview trailer.  In addition, the band's Epitaph performance of "Heading Out to the Highway" can be viewed now at