In Hawthorne California, a police officer fatally shot a Rottweiler that had lunged at officers while they were attempting to arrest its master. The owner, Leon Rosby, was arrested when he was videoing the officers as they surrounded a home where they were searching for a suspected armed robber.

The police say they were arresting Rosby after he refused to turn down “loud” car music.

The video below shows an officer shooting the dog multiple times.


It should be known that at the time Rosby had six active lawsuits pending against the Hawthorne Police Department for civil rights abuses, when the police officers noticed him. In a statement released by the police department, they make no mention of the lawsuits but do say they arrested Rosby for playing loud music, walking a large dog, and being too close to officers. Saying that all together it was "distracting to officers".