Would you shop for groceries totally naked if you could get the whole cart for free?  Some folks will, and that's exactly what happened at a new store the other day.

I am no health inspector, but having a bunch of naked people running around the produce section, reaching over the lemons to get to the oranges just can't be very sanitary.  Plus, what if you need some hotpockets?  The frozen food section could be a most embarrassing experience ever.

That's what happened at the grand opening of a grocery store in Germany.  They did a promotion that the first 100 people to shop naked would get their whole shopping cart free... they thought maybe 10 people would do it, but 250 showed up.  Most of them were dutch and from the video you can see that most went straight to the alcohol section because alcohol is cheaper in Germany.

(WARNING: This is a video that has full nudity, of some not very attractive people...enjoy.)