There have been a lot of rumors that VAN HALEN is in the midst of recording a new album with DAVID LEE ROTH... and if that's the case, the band's former bassist MICHAEL ANTHONY can't wait to hear it.

He says, quote, "I'm looking forward to seeing what they'll do."  This would be the first Van Halen album that Michael didn't play on.

Michael also claims he has "no hard feelings" over being dumped by the band, and says he'd be cool with OPENING for Van Halen with his new band CHICKENFOOT.

(It's unclear if he was being sarcastic or not.  Either way, there's little chance that'll happen... because Chickenfoot also features former Van Halen singer SAMMY HAGAR.)

(And if there's anyone the Van Halen brothers hate more than Michael Anthony, it's Sammy Hagar.  But wouldn't a tour like that be cool?)

(And how about this:  It could be a TRIPLE-BILL with EXTREME opening things up.  That would bring GARY CHERONE on board, thus uniting every past and present member of Van Halen under one roof.)

(Not that any Van Halen fans really need to be reminded of Gary Cherone.  But hey, why not throw a bone to the completists?)