Elric Shawn Millner, a 24 year old man from Webster Texas is the worst kind of scum.  Back in 2010 when he was 22, he got a 17 year old girl drunk and he and a few of his friends sexually assaulted her, and video taped the incident.  She never reported it out of embarrassment.

Now the young lady is 19 years old, and has been dating a former Marine MP.  A few months ago, she told her new boyfriend what had happened with Millner, and he was not going to let this pass.

He became friendly with Millner, gained his trust, and then asked to see the video, which Millner seemed happy to show.  (He showed tremendous restraint by not beating the man to death right then.)  He then asked his girlfriend if she would be willing to go to the cops now, and she did.

Last Thursday Millner was arrested and charged with sexual assault... The video will be used against him, and more arrests will surely be made in the case.